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  • Foie gras de canard

    Whole Duck Foie Gras

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    This certified chili pepper AOP brings a touch of heat in mouth as well as a fruity and aromatic note. It’s a perfect culinary tool for all cookings. The plantation is made in the spring and the harvest from August to December. All steps of manufacturing are hand-made.

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    For your genuine french spreads and for every moments of your day. Try this blend of flavors that light up your recipes and will certainly surprised all your guests.

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    Discover this genuine juice of 100% natural french prunes from the area of Agen (Gers - south west of France) with a PDOs european quality guarantee. And try its softness of a 100% fruit'juice. No food additives, no preservatives, no sugar. Prunes are high in potassium, vitamin A and dietary fiber with zero cholesterol and sodium.

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    Discover these 100% natural french prunes from the area of Agen (Gers - south west of France) with a PDOs quality guarantee.  Prunes' wide range of menu applications and low-cost make them a valuable resource in everyone's kitchen. These half-ccoked ("mi-cuits") prunes are made by a family-run business based since 2 generations. No food additives, no...

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    For your french spreads or for your recipes. Try this blend of tomatos that really light up your recipes and perfume all your dishes. Artisanally-made item by a craftsman based on south-west of France (Aveyron).

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    If you are sweet on shortbread, like we are, then you'll love this recipe for French butter cookies, also known as Cookies. Native to south-west of France and quite elegant in their simplicity, these genuine shortbreads are utterly artisanally-made by hands and come from organic farming. For your break with friends !! 

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    Chutney Apricot Mango is the best friend of duck/goose foie gras, pork filet mignon or white meats. Try it also cold on toasts with your guests or for a genuine french breakfast or french delicacies at home. It's amazing ... as a french fine food ! Once opened, keep this product in a dry and fresh place.

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    Discover these 100% natural french & stoned prunes from the area of Agen (Gers - south west of France) with a PDOs quality guarantee. We warmly suggest you to use them for your cakes or your prepared dishes. These half-ccoked ("mi-cuits") prunes are made by a family-run business based since 2 generations..

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The Finest Flavours of France, Aux Saveurs de France, offer you the finest flavours of France, natural and authentic products, a part of the know-how of our local artisans.

Our recipes are all artisanally-made by local craftsmen, mostly based in south west of France. Many of our items are regularly awarded by a national-wide competition staged by french Ministry of agriculture.

We wish you pleasure and a happy « bon appétit ».